About The New Ziggies Presents & The Old Ziggies Live Music

A new era is on the horizon! Ziggies, the oldest blues bar in Colorado, closed its doors for business  on October 31, 2017 at the location on west 38th Avenue in northwest Denver after over 53 years, with the same liquor license that was issued in 1964!  After a few months of pondering, wondering, and wandering Carla Jordan, the owner of Ziggies, (the brand and the business), got restless. Missing so many fans, musicians, and close friends from Ziggies she started hanging out in other venues to support the bands she loves and see some of the fans who used to frequent Ziggies. Everyone continues to ask "When are you getting another bar?"  Well, financially that just isn't really feasible or a good business decision to jump into right now. Various venues wanted her to help them in different ways as did several musician friends. Considering her love for so many musicians and their mutual admiration she is jumping head first into a new adventure, which she calls "Ziggies Presents".  

"Ziggies Presents" is about helping musicians from the band management, promotion, and booking standpoint and helping them grow, develop, and advance while staying focused on their music. And they won't have to deal with some of the gritty parts of the music business that Carla will take care of. She will be taking on the management of a few select bands and focusing on their success. In addition she hopes to delve into establishing a "Ziggies Presents" showcase that will be featured in specific venues with a high regard for musicians and live shows, and not just blues!  

In the previous business, Ziggies Live Music, the bar, the venue, the home of blues, it was always all about the live music and keeping music aLIVE in Colorado. Some incredibly strong relationship were built inside those walls. Some amazing music and magic happened inside those walls. Many band were formed in Ziggies and we had the longest standing blues jam in Colorado, some say it went for over 40 years, every Sunday. We did it as long as we feasibly could. Colorado's Oldest Blues Bar is now closed but the heartbeat lives on. The financial burden of keeping a live music venue open is very expensive, probably more so than most people realize. So now, we move onto a new adventure, still supporting live music with a twist!  

The original liquor license of Ziggies was issued in 1964. From 1952 until 1964, prior to our license being issued, the property was called Lou's Club Tavern, owned by Lewis Corn. His children, Susan Tannenbaum (Corn) and Bob Corn came into Ziggies a couple years back and shared some history, insight, and stories of their beloved dad, Lewis and the property. They grew up during the time their dad owned Lou's Club Tavern which was a restaurant and bar. When our license was issued January of 1964 the bar was called "Lou's Bar"... then after a number of years and owners of the time renamed it "Club 38"... then Ziggy's... then Ziggie's Saloon... then we just called it Ziggies up until the date it was closed, October 31, 2017. Ziggies continues to live in the hearts of musicians and fans, but the building has been closed and put up for sale by the owner / trustee. 

The history of the name Ziggies, from what we are told, is from the Ziegler Family who owned a number of businesses in the North Denver area, but we really don't know for sure, and probably never will. 

The building dates to 1888 or 1925, depending on which public records you believe! Regardless, the building is old... the inside has been renovated and updated over the years but still retained that 'old juke joint' feel. The basement still had the decommissioned coal fired furnace and chipped out walls between businesses, and escape stairs into the next 'unit'.  

On the back patio you could see where the old windows were filled in with 'black' bricks... a little contrast to the original 'red' bricks, nonetheless just a little more character to this great old structure! 

Over the course of the past 10 plus years, since 2007, after purchasing the business out of bankruptcy, Carla Jordan tried to purchase the building - however, they just would not sell the property. In 2017 the Trustee, of the estate of the deceased owner, chose to put the building up for sale, for just under one million dollars. Carla shook her piggy bank really hard and just couldn't justify the million dollar price tag for a building of about 130 years old!  

Who knows what the future of the property will hold. Gentrification perhaps. Condos perhaps. A new something something - we don't know, but due to the lack of support for live blues and live music in northwest Denver, we just could not justify the cost of attempting to purchase an over priced building, without parking or a kitchen. Will there be a new Ziggies in a new location - who knows what the future holds. Currently the cost of real estate in Denver is cost prohibitive.  Meanwhile "Ziggies Presents" is our new focus, and again it's all about the live music and keeping  the music aLIVE

Thank you for supporting Ziggies and being a part of the Colorado blues scene. And thank you for supporting our new baby, "Ziggies Presents". We're going to have some fun now and spread the love of music all over the place!  


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Over the course of the past 53 plus years we have been honored to be recognized by the community... some of our most recent awards ...

voted Best Blues Club by Westword 2017
voted Best Blues Club by Westword 2016
voted Best Blues Club by Westword 2015
voted Best Blues Club by Westword 2014
voted Best Blues Jam by Westword 2014
voted Best Blues Jam by Westword 2009 & 2011

Ziggies Live Music

Best 10 Blues Clubs in Denver - 2016


Its origins may be in the Deep South, but Denver's rich and diverse blues scene runs deep as well — and just keeps getting better. For more than fifty years, clubs in the metro area have offered the full spectrum of styles, everything from Delta to Chicago,  jump to electric, Piedmont to punk. Not to mention that about a decade ago, many  jazz clubs in the area added blues nights to help drum up business, which resulted in a wider variety of venue options. No jive: Here's our list of the top ten in town, in alphabetical order — with last year's Best Blues Club in the top spot.

Don't be fooled by the unassuming exterior — Ziggies is everything a blues bar should be.
Don't be fooled by the unassuming exterior — Ziggies is everything a blues bar should be.
Courtesy of Ziggies

10. Ziggies
4923 West 38th Avenue

A frequent Best of Denver winner, Ziggies turned fifty in 2014 and hasn't missed a boogie-woogie step since. Seven nights a week — including a blues jam on Sundays for which the house provides a full backline — this unassuming spot is everything a blues bar should be: small, dark, friendly and lively, with a good selection of craft brews and cheap drinks all around. Periodic poetry jams help keep the Beat vibe alive.

Denver's Best Blues Jam

Westword 2017 - Best of Denver
Best Blues Bar

Westword 2016 - Best of Denver
Best Blues Bar

Westword 2015 - Best of Denver
Best Blues Bar

Westword 2014 - Best of Denver
Best Blues Bar
Best Blues Jam

Ziggies ~ Best Blues Jam 2011

Best Blues Jam - 2011
While Ziggie's has long been hailed as Denver's oldest blues bar, in recent years it's expanded into other genres, such as rock, R&B and funk. In addition to an acoustic open-mike night on Mondays, an open jam on Tuesdays and a chance to sit in with featured musicians on Wednesdays, Ziggie's also boasts one of the longest-running blues jams in town on Sundays. And that's where the real action is. The Doc Brown Blues Band and the Blues Allstars alternate hosting the blues jams, which bring in a variety of solid musicians playing covers and originals. Keyboard players need not worry about bringing down a keyboard; the bar has one available for the jams, which kick off at 7 p.m.
Westword, March 31-April 6, 2011, Volume 34, Number 31, Page 98

Ziggies ~ Best Blues Jam 2009
Ziggie's has always been known as Denver's oldest blues bar, but ...Carla Jordan, who took over the place and remodeled it just over a year ago, have expanded the music selection by also bringing in R&B, funk, rock and jazz acts on Fridays and Saturdays. The other five nights are allotted to open mikes, alternately hosted by Doc Brown's Blues Band, Jasco from Mojambus, the Mike Maurer Band or Papa Juke. Whether you want to hone your chops with some stellar blues talent or just listen, Ziggie's is the place. And there's never a cover.

Ziggies is The Oldest Blues Bar in Denver & in Colorado...since 1964, and especially since 2007 when Carla Jordan purchased the business out of bankruptcy we were focused on live music, more than blues... R&B, groove, funk, new jazz, motown, swing, rock... and we even had  "Performance Poetry" night twice a month.

Ziggies has been afforded the great opportunity to present some of the best live local bands as well as regional, national, and even international touring acts.  Thank YOU for supporting live music and small businesses.