3rd Friday Televised Open Mic

Denver Open Media, 700 Kalamath, Denver, CO 80204

Third Friday Televised Open Mic! Join us! Featured Poet - Cathy Casper Featured Band - 9th Avenue Noise

About the Featured Poet - Cathy Casper After 35 years of living amid the mountains of Eagle County, Cathy Casper now lives on the rising sun side of the Rockies. During her years there, she taught children for 26 years. She worked with preschoolers and adults in college, all grades but first and seventh. She specialized in teaching writing. She works part time for the Denver Writing Project at University of Colorado Denver.

Her love of writing, especially poetry goes back to childhood. For her it’s a way to experience and explore life.

She also loves to explore nature and spends as much time as she can outside, working in her garden, walking the neighborhood, traveling and hiking.

Her poems are grounded in her love for nature, for Earth. They express the wonder of being alive, and also a desire for humans to live harmoniously and sustainably. A mother, grandmother and lover, she knows that appreciation and respect are essential for all relationships, including the one we have with Earth. She envisions a world, where people appreciate the gift of being alive, all forms of life, and one another.

About the Band - 9th Avenue Noise Trio Behind the sizzling keys and guitar riffs of Eric Jones, the upright bass stylings of Laine Ford and the blazing beat from Cole Betancourt, 9th Avenue Trio is at the intersection of rock and blues in Denver. Eric (15) hooked onto the versatility of the piano at 11 and added guitar at 12, while Laine (15) discovered the upright bass at 12 and hasn’t sat down since. Cole (15) started drumming out beats on kitchen cupboards before he could talk. With several members having played at music festivals around Colorado, Tennessee and Texas, this trio is will lay down tunes beyond their years.